Bamboo Drawer Organizer

  • Full Matured Bamboo is Incredibly Strong: Made of 100% mature bamboo for eco-friendly and mold or mildew free, ensures higher intensity and durability than wooden or plastic ones
  • Perfect for Storage: Its outside dimension of 15’’*2’’, ranging from 12.5’’to 21.5’’ in width. 5-8 compartments allow flatware, silverware and kitchen gadgets neatly organized in the kitchen, and also adaptable in the bathroom, home office, hobby room
  • Expandable and Practical: Adjustable design with 5-8 compartments. The drawer dividers can be arranged to make it fit for extra long items as well as small and oddly shaped utensils
  • Easy-Maintainance and Nothing Lost: Easily wiped clean with damp cloth or wash with mild soap. The bamboo organizer makes everything look beautiful and better organized. It will match almost any decor
  • Ideal for Customer Experience: Our bamboo organizer is FDA and FSC approved. Since we offer lifetime warranty, if any quality problem, we are pleased to provide refund or replacement

Price: $24.99

Product description

Perfect Add to Your Kitchen in Drawer Storage with its Contemporary Look and Expandable Dividers. All-in-one organization tray for the organization of flatware, knife sets, and other kitchen gadgets, also of other office desk or art craft in the craft room. Organizer features eight compartments in various sizes for tailored use and maximizes storage space. DEIK Bamboo Expandable Drawer Storage, a Great Choice!

• Wipe clean with damp cloth or wash with mild soap and water
• This cutlery drawer organizer fits most standard size drawers
• Adjustable from 13.32 to 21.38 inches wide
• Color: Neutral wood
• Wipe with corn/canola oil to preserve shine
• Durable construction and environmentally friendly materials

Two-Year Warranty for Customer Satisfaction!

Drawers are a perfect place to store all your valuables that you don’t want lying around. Finding small items can be easily found if they are placed properly in organized drawers. This is not the case when your drawer is messy and cluttered.

In all of our kitchens, we store most of our clutter and kitchen ware in drawers to keep the area clean and out of site. With the help of drawer organizers and drawer boxes, you can properly place items like spoons and forks in separate places in the drawer. Fetching a spoon for a yummy ice cream dessert cannot be any harder. Storing your kitchen cutlery in an organized drawer will make you feel at peace as your equipment will be stored away from dirt and dust that may be present in the kitchen air.

In the bedroom, most people have problems with the clothing drawers. Most of the time, drawers get mixed up when you search for your favorite pair of socks in a packed drawer. It is recommended to use custom drawers so that you can make use of all the space for your clothing items. If you don’t have the budget for a custom drawer, you can simply make use of drawer organizers to separate your socks from your handkerchiefs. By taking these simple precautions, you can have a more organized chest of drawers.

If you are at work and find that your desk drawer is gradually getting full and un-organized, you might want to remove the clutter. Most owners do not realize that they store items that can be discarded. If you have extra office supplies, you can give them to your office mates or simply return them to the stock room for future use. Your drawer will become less crowded. You can also use drawer organizers or boxes to store your fasteners, staples, rubber bands and paper clips. Drawer boxes are also ideal to store envelopes and papers you don’t want to be exposed on your desktop.